Diary practice

Diary practice. Why do we so often include it into the programmes?
Diary practice is one of the ways to give the name, to make it even clearer for yourself what is there right now. We also call it a celebration. And it's not about success or achievement. This is precisely about naming what is there, giving it time and place. And just starting from what exists now supports the field to move on at a completely different level.

Diary practice is the practice of ownership of one's actions, I-statements, the practice of self-observation, the practice of placing oneself in space, the practice of seeing and hearing others as they are. Without judgment, without comment, the practice of gratitude.

To be seen and not to be judged

to be visible and not to be condemned,

to express oneself, to be heard the way one is.

Today. Now.

Regardless of whether you are already familiar with the diary practice or just getting acquainted with it, you will find many interesting unexpected discoveries in life.


You write what you notice, what you discover today, now. Not about others, but about yourself, about your personal experience. And, if we talk about the text in letters or voice, you can take the following aspects as a basis for reflection:

  • I was/am doing (in details):…

  • I was/am sensing (very specific physical sensations: warmth, expansion, …).

  • I felt/feel: emotions, states, mood, feelings.

  • My desires that I noted, discovered and which I am discovering now.

  • Right now I'm saying to myself: …. (What words of support/requests/questions to myself/gratitude to myself I have, what intentions I have, etc.).

And questions above are very important as part of the path of development of self-awareness, ownership. I-statements. I invite you to take it into your daily life as well. And celebrate, observe, celebrate.

As for I-STATEMENTS, I highly recommend reading the book “Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg (about non-violent communication - NVC) and bring this practice into your daily life.
Example from NVC:

“When I hear you say…I feel…because I need…. Could you do ….?"

For me, as a facilitator of the course, the diary practice is also a huge support. I can see how we are going, what processes are going on for each person who is writing and common in the field, what I should probably pay attention to, or just be with each of you and in this way too.


This can happen either in your personal notebook, notepad or anywhere else.
You can even talk to yourself recording the audio somewhere. For instance, in your personal telegram channel.

And this can happen in our common chat/group/page space, … And in the common space, you regulate it yourself how visible you are ready and choose to be now, what you are ready and choose to share, how detailed or concise you want to be.

You can write the text, or you can post photos of your drawings, sketches, notes.

And only you know it about yourself right now. How you are today. Now.

You can also write about the fact that nothing comes to you now. Or you can write nothing.
You may choose to simply be a witness to other people. And notice something about yourself, notice what resonates, notice your feelings, emotions as a response to what you read about or see.

You may choose not to engage in diary practice at all.
And in any of the choices, you can ask yourself “I am doing this now - what do I WANT? what do I need it for?”

Just notice, notice.

In addition to celebrating with voice and/or letters:

You can also just take a sheet of paper/ your notebook / ..., take a pen / pencils / crayons / paints
and just do what is being done, without being tied to the format of specific questions.
Just move something on something :).
Perhaps now it leaves some stains on the paper.
Or sculpt with clay.
Move your body. Or paint with feet or cheek.
And, perhaps, don’t move “visibly from the outside” at all, but simply listen in a relaxed way, feel the inner cosmos of the movement of something in the body. Inner dance. Just observe without changing anything. Just give it space.

Or anything else that comes to you.
15-20 minutes or how much you want/find more comfortable for yourself.

Just be with what is there now. Give space. To yourself. To your process now.

And I want to invite you to experiment, to follow your own interest, to explore.

Allow yourself to be anyone. And observe, without judgment, with curiosity.

See you in practice!