Immune system, emotions, movement

The immune system regulates how the body fights disease off. American neuroscientist and pharmacologist Candace Pert (“Molecules of feelings”, 1997 - Candace B. Pert. Molecules of Emotions: why you feel the way you feel. New York: Touchstone Press, 1997.) found in her studies that people who trust others, open up and show themselves, the immune system functions better.
Some of my speculations on the studies above:

When people trust others, when people are open and show themselves, they are more relaxed, there are fewer blocks in the body. It especially affects the state of the diaphragms, breathing. Most of the endocrine glands are located on the diaphragms (not only the thoracic - we have a lot of them in the body). When we have any emotion it mechanically shakes the endocrine glands up, promotes their drainage, cleansing. Emotions, in their relationship with the glands, help us quickly change the hormonal state. And this is the way that often supports us in "performing a specific task."

It’s important to keep in mind that short stress helps us develop and expands our capabilities.

Long-term chronic stress exhausts, gradually destroys us more and more, injures us. Or it would be more accurate if we say that we exhaust and injure ourselves when staying with it.

If we have the same emotion for a long time, an exhaustion of the glands happen, as well as shortening of the ligaments does (and therefore a structural redistribution of the alignment of the body). And our already rebuilt (under the corresponding emotion(s) body regularly reminds us that we have this emotion (I am sad, angry, ...) and thus maintains this vicious circle.
What happens if we are closed, do not show our emotions? We stop the movement in the body, clamp the diaphragm, “stagnate” with our endocrine glands and chronic intoxication occurs with all the corresponding consequences.

Moreover, any stagnation of lymph is already an inflammation signal for the brain, which tries to drain and cleanse the glands and manifests itself through emotions. As a result these emotions often appear to be not corresponding to the real situation and are excessive.

And we can observe or experience such a state of the immune system, its functional and adaptive capabilities.

And yes, everything is connected.

If you notice excessive emotions, or that you often get sick, that the body is swollen, or there is a lot of constriction in the body, or whatever you do, but structurally the body returns to distortions, it would be great 1) to acknowledge what you notice and 2) to give yourself some time to deal with it.

And you can start from the issues of emotions, or awaken movement in the body, or start from metabolism, the state of the endocrine system, or line up structurally. And “any entry” will already support on the way out of the vicious circle.

And it is the right time. If you know it.

And you can do it on your own. Or you can ask a professional to support you. And the more involved (and active) you are, the more long-term results you will have. Besides you are (nearly) always there for yourself if you choose to. And a helping specialist only once in a while))

Take care)

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