Lungs, heart, pericardium

Breathing has a huge impact on the work of the heart.
The heart contributes to the distribution of oxygen in the body. If less oxygen enters the body, the heart is forced to speed up to perform this task. And the more oxygen comes in, the less it needs to labour.

Of course, this is not the only reason for the "rapid heartbeat".
At the same time, as one of my teachers, a doctor at the Institute of Cardiac Surgery, said: any - do you hear? any!!! - stages of heart failure but for the 4th (the one after resuscitation and intensive care) have the opportunity to recover to zero point (that is, to a completely healthy state). And at the 4th stage there is still the possibility to recover, though not completely (some scars are still there) but still quite well.

And the main (not the only, but the most effective) recommendation: walk more, breathe more !!!

We were talking about this for a long time.


The heart - in embryology - is the first functional organ, since blood circulation is the most important condition for the growth of embryonic tissues. It starts functioning immediately after its formation.

Regarding the cardiopulmonary system.

With the loss of mobility, one structure can have a significant impact on other structures and lead to changes in the entire chest.

The outer layer of the pericardium (fibrous pericardium) is particularly closely related to the mechanics of the diaphragm.

And it is exactly the outer layer of the pericardium that provides fixation of the suspension system of the pericardium. Its normalisation will affect these attachments, the upper thoracic spine, the sternum, as well as the fasciae and base of the skull.

Work on the pericardium and the suspensory system has a significant mechanical, emotional and important global effect.

Suspension system and double pericardial sheet protect the heart. In most cases, they perform their functions well, taking stress, shock, and especially high-speed injuries, provoking postural adaptations (compensations) in order to provide optimal conditions for the work of the heart muscle.

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