Where does it hurt?

Very often I notice that it is in the place where it hurts that one begins to massage or asks someone to do something with this zone. Or one asks for recommendation: “what should I do “with this place”?”
At the same time, I would like to remind you about the wholeness of the system. And most often (except for direct injuries), the pain is not in the place where the “cause” of this pain is.
For example,

I broke my leg (now I don’t mention here what exactly led to this injury), after which I had a long time of treatment. As the fracture was complex, I needed to give time to properly heal.

In order to better protect it, I shifted the maximum load to the second leg. As a result, there was not only imbalance in the musculoskeletal system of the two legs, but also the distribution of the load in a “healthy” (more loaded) leg did not go exactly along the trajectory as intended by the structure of the bones and the ligamentous-muscular system.

The pelvis was tilted, which entails (in an attempt to align to a more vertical position) a curvature of the spine in the lumbar region, then trying to balance higher - in the thoracic and cervical regions.
!!! And all our internal organs are innervated from spine - from the nervus plexus that come out between the vertebras.
Moreover, our eyes strive to be on one horizontal line to perceive the world around us. And how will I solve this question - in order to look horizontally - I will bend my neck even more and, perhaps, something else - in every possible way supporting myself.

And the question is: why does my neck hurt, as well as the area just under the left shoulder blade and in the area of joint between the sacrum and the pelvic bone?
And where did the issues with digestion or other changes in the chest and abdominal cavity suddenly begin?
And here I go for a neck massage. And I can feel better after the session. For a while. Or maybe I will feel better in my neck, but my jaw will jam. Or bad consequences somewhere else appear.

That's just an example. A very real and common example.

Why am I telling this?

To inform or remind that it often hurts NOT where the help is really needed.
It hurts most often where the system can’t manage any longer to labour for someone/something else.

And how can I, who is in pain, support myself?

If there are no resources, go to a specialist, don’t wait. Or just go, without any “if”. It is important: give yourself support, give yourself time, space, give yourself gifts.

Moreover, if there is enough resource now, you may find yourself to support yourself. The one who is always there, the one who knows best what is needed right now, the one who gives time, listens, is the best friend and support for yourself.

I invite you to listen to yourself with the heart. The whole body, the whole self. Structurally, emotionally, viscerally, energetically.
This awareness through movement is what helps our nervous system to see itself as a whole, stop protecting, if it is no longer necessary, self-support, self-repair.

I invite you to listen, make small movements, listen to the interconnections “if I turn my head to the right, what do I feel in my left knee or heel? And what emotions do I have or fade away? what do I feel, what do I feel? how much energy do I have? And so about all of myself. If desired, with a diary practice.

And yes, perhaps at first the answer is “I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel it.” It often happens like that. For a very long time we have been training ourselves not to feel. And now I just want to invite you to the research. Give time. To everything. Don't expect to find something. Just explore. Being. Moving as you are. Embracing whatever comes. Hugging a cry or laughter, giving space. And giving thanks.

Everything has a place. It is happening. Right now. Not yesterday/35 years ago or tomorrow. Right now.

I take the place. I exist. I am.

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