Nature was first

The nature had been the author long before us.

The human body is really wise. It can self-recover, self-restore, self-heal. It has all the necessary resources and knowledge to manage it.

Still… There are many factors such as traumas, stress, ecology, a crazy time race… Misbalanced nutrition, not taking time for oneself, not listening to one’s body sensations and many more nuances. And all of the above bring us to the moment that we are misbalanced and forget. Forget how to support ourselves. Or we don’t have any resources left for self-support.

So, what should we do?
What could we do in such a situation?

There are many ways in. There are many ways out. Someone starts doing yoga, meditations or/and goes to some other latitude and longitude of the World.

Someone slows down, stops or nearly stops working, starts listening and noticing the sensations of the body and soul. Or does one’s best to think positive and… We can continue this list endlessly…

And it’s really cool. And really important. And, may be, it will appear to be the best possible option for you. Or, probably, you’ll find your own way. And it will be “working for you”, the most effective one. And you will share your ideas and experience with the World :)
Asking for support

You can also ask for support. And you may find it among the closest. And it’s really wow, great.

The support of the specialist may also appear just the right one and in time. Ideally this specialist won’t do anything instead of you. He/she/they will just guide you, support you to open up the way, which will appear to be the right one just for you.

And when there’s no “rude intervention” into the system, there is no resistance. As there is nothing to oppose. As you are the one who chooses the way.

It may result in no need of pills, surgeries or other really traumatic interventions after which there are often more and more compensations and decompensations, more and more disorders.

Sure, there are also situations when the phase is so acute that there is no way to escape from “rude intervention”. And still, there are much less those situations in acute need than the surgeries that take place in reality. And I am not even raising the issue of pharmaceutics in many countries.
What kind of specialists could help?

It depend on what the issue is and on the right diagnostics at the session. It could be a psychologist, a dance-movement therapist or/and a facilitator of movement in awareness. It could also be an osteopathy practitioner and/or an applied kinesiologist. Or a dance studio :) or someone/something else :)

There are directions and people who are taught to work combining different approaches. They look for the problem of the highest priority and try to find small changes where the neurological system says “yes, it’ll be good for me, it’ll bring me more resources”.

Obviously, the session at the specialist’s won’t substitute the day routine, the diet and the ‘right’ thoughts. Nevertheless, it supports one to set off in the journey of taking care of oneself, for the changes to take place.

And it often helps us to notice “a problem” at an early stage before it brought up more other issues (compensations and more serious ‘problems’).
We are searching together what to start with, what you are in need, what will add more resources for self-healing, self-recovery, self-healing.
What do we do when someone comes for a session to my therapy room?

I am looking for the priority (often hidden) issues, inter-affecting factors that support or frustrate each other.

We are searching together what to start with, what you are in need, what will add more resources for self-healing, self-recovery, self-healing to take place. And draw the attention of the organism to the issue(s) where more care and resources are needed.

And it might appear that the best way ever is somatic guidance: creating and supporting the safe space for the embodiment, for the unveiling the processes and going through them being with oneself and with care and support.

What helps us on the way

  • osteopathy (mostly soft techniques)

    I am really against quick techniques. I choose supporting the process of self recovery and adaptation.

  • applied kinesiology, reflexology, physio rehabilitation

    My great regards to these directions for the support in diagnostics and recovery.

  • dance-movement therapy

    of course :)

    As I have mentioned before, I love indirect techniques? ;)

  • cranio-sacral therapy

    It was the practice I started with… one day… If everybody who came to me those days was sensitive, feeling the body and processes very well, I would definitely continue practicing using just this approach :)

  • various somatic practice

    Even if you come with other requests and expectations, I invite you into this kind of work too. It’s a great resource, always with yourself :)

  • biokinetics




At the sessions we work with the issues:

  • structural

  • emotional

  • biochemical

  • energetic

And it means that whether it is the result of an injury or continuous period of misbalanced diet, emotional stress, allergy, hormones disorders, intoxication, and many other issues, - we can deal with those and many other issues.

I have “a mobile therapy room” which changes locations together with me while studying/running some projects or just a global project with the name ‘life’.

You can send a request to me and I will consult you if we can deal with that the nearest time. Offline or/and online. Or I might recommend you some people who could be better than me in the field.
Group meetings - researches - processes

and offline

One-to-one somatic guidance online/offline

sessions, combining various approaches: dance-movement therapy, applied kinesiology, biokinetics, reflexology, body-mind centering and other somatics.
One-to-one sessions offline

A session with a more medical focus.
Diagnostics and interventions with the help of everything I am working with.
Osteopathy, applied kinesiology, reflexology, etc.

Send a request to me and I will say if we can deal with that the nearest time. Offline or/and online. Or I might recommend you some people who could be better than me in the field.

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Волшебного Вам дня, настроения, сил и радости на все, что Вам сейчас хочется!