Practising, researching from NotKnowing

A regular Online group.
Body movement-exploring... drawing… writing… and whatever we include…
Not to name and give out the details of the following somatic practice one month beforehand. And do everything to achieve the mentioned afterwards.

But I want to just come to the studio, recognise already close people, meet the new ones and give something I am Today with, I am Now with…

What is attracting my attention now, what I want to research today. What I want to share now… What I want to hug with at the moment.
Sometimes my “want” comes from something I am studying/reading about/learning at various programmes/conferences/books and self-researches now.
Or from some participants’ or readers’ questions .
Sometimes it comes from my current state, mood.
Sometimes it’s not really clear which part of the space and time it comes from.

And at the same time there’s an obvious voice “aaahh I really want it different now but not what I stated a month ago”.
Body… movement… drawing… writing… and whatever we include…
Who is interested, who wants, who is ready to, who trusts me and the processes with me…
Who would like to research, practice and notice in NotKnowing in Togetherness.

I have a dream…
A regular group to practise


The next closed group 2 times a week x 45-50 min each meeting.

(as soon as there enough registered people)

I will sometimes run open group meetings too, not on a regular basis, without committing myself to some specific day and time. I will inform and invite everybody who is subscribed.


Yes, they will be available. All the recordings are made in a speaker view (with only me on the screen).

And still, if you manage to join online, I am really inviting you. It is about really different sensations, synergy, the process which is accessible only when we are in togetherness.

How much:

The info will appear here soon

Check also: the recording of the previous group (14 sessions in Russian) - autumn’21 (take them and practice as much as you need)

You can also:

Sign up for the participation in the following group (2023)


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How to find each other and practice, research in togetherness?

* sign up for the participation in the next group with the guidance in English or buy the recordings of the previous sessions (with the guidance in Russian) now;

* join telegram channel with updated and reminders about our future meetings;

* Follow the links you will receive in an e-mail (or find in your personal page here) and come to our common space in Zoom and take your time (or do it on your own with the guidance along with the recordings)
A regular group. Online. 2023
Somatic practice. Body movement-exploring… drawing… writing… and whatever we include… I will be facilitating it in English. 
2 times per week 45-50 min each. 2 months (14 meetings)

In English
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Our next closed group will be starting in 2023 soon.

You are invited to already state “I want to join the group”,

or you can subscribe to receive the information and the invitations to the programmes you choose and I will let you know the updates when there are available.

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This is the way I will be looking for you :)
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Волшебного Вам дня, настроения, сил и радости на все, что Вам сейчас хочется!