Pelvis space :) Vital Force. ONLINE course

ONLINE marathon course with theoretical material, somatic research and diary practice.
One of the centers of the Universe, around which a lot of things are being built.
I love the pelvic floor and everything related to the pelvic area.

And I would like every person to be in love with himself/herself and his/her pelvis.
So that each person feels a lot of support and resource.
And he/she could always find a resource again and again.
On the course, we will connect with our beginning, we will go into depth. There will be many things.

I will do everything so that we go as tenderly as possible. At the same time, everyone chooses his/her own pace and can always regulate where and when to pause, how deep to go, how ready he is now. Everyone takes care of one’s own process. With care and concern for oneself.
Depending on your current emotional state, your life processes in the period shortly before and during the course, find support for yourself in someone who is nearby. May be a loved one or a psychotherapist. The person who can be with you. Who will not advise anything. But just be. With you.

And yes, you can come to me for individual sessions online or offline.
I love pelvis a lot. Feminine and Masculine ones

Pelvis. Vital Force

What’s inside:

* Sunday - new course material in your account

+ somatic research in online co-practice, - ONLINE in Zoom/Teams 2 times/week for 40-45 min.*

+ opportunity to ask questions*

+ diary practice*

* for those who will be online in the course

(those who take only access to the materials in their personal account will be provided with all the recordings of the practice, but not access to our common space with chats, etc.)

During somatic research:

body awareness, listening to oneself, observing, exploring

visualization and micro-movements as self-support

“somatic” meditations and other body-movement practice

body interconnections and mutual support

somatic diary


embodiment of oneself through different levels of awareness, and movement experience


Writing and drawing a diary, we practice:

ownership of one’s actions, I-statements,

self-observation, celebration,

bringing oneself into the space, to be seen, heard, seeing and hearing others

Ream more about

diary practice

Our topics (not mentioning those that arise in the process ...)

!!! if you already have questions, especially if any acute conditions are present, please consult with me first.
anatomy issues, neurophysiology of the small pelvis and its importance to the body
pelvic floor as one of the diaphragms of the body
hormonal features and interactions with all systems
neuro-endocrine features, pro menstrual cycle
immune system, metabolism
stress and the importance of emotional regulation
intimacy, desire and orgasm
attitudes, restrictions, fear
fantasy, creativity, joy
Integration of everything
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