Take your time… 

A set of meetings in togetherness…
Meetings in research with care. Meeting ourselves through the body, sensations and not only…

Take your time…

The architecture of the body…

Exploring and noticing…

structures and sensations…

in theory and on practise

through pictures and videos
noticing feelings and sensations
through movement
through touching oneself and other people
playing with different focuses of attention
through the connection with time and space 
what I notice

We will be meeting on different levels of listening, different levels of attention, different levels of touch, different levels of vision.

I will be welcoming you to take these level of listening into everyday life and

notice what it feels like when you hear, see, feel, sense, notice.

We’ll be surfing in our research with attention to:
breathing, touch, “fascial” breathing,
diaphragm, lungs, heart, breathing,
feet, legs, hands, arms,
center, pelvis, spine, tail,
shoulders, neck, head,
nervous system, pain perception,
interconnectivity, mutual involvement and support

Listening and sensing to all of them, with the attention to fascia and other tissues. And interconnections.

In an individual research, gradually coming to work with peers.

And - certainly - boundaries, safety, awareness, resources, …

We’ll be surfing from one focus to another and back, gradually integrating and expanding…

To be closer to myself

To be the support to myself

To be in contact with myself and others

It might be just some body movement practice for you

Or might be not a simple one

A lot of issues might pop up

You might meet yourself again

Everything is possible

What is it going to be personally for you?

Take your time

Who for?
everybody who is interested, no previous body-movement practice experience or theoretical background is needed. 
If you still have hesitations or there’s anything important I haven’t mentioned yet, you can always ask me “what if …” or “is it ok if … “ 
The format?
Once a week or a weekend once in 2 weeks.
In total, 7 days, 3-4 hours each time. 

I like also running it as a regular group 2 or 3 times per week over a month or two. This way we feel the process in togetherness more and I feel more freedom what to add, where to expand or what other processes to support.

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How much, where?
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